Mediation and Arbitration Scheduling To request a mediation or binding arbitration with Roger Kramer,  please call Mr. Kramer’s legal assistant/case manager Rachel Rolseth at 651-789-2923 or send an email with the following information: Case name and venue Names of the parties, lawyers and their firms Case type ADR deadline if applicable Proposed dates or timeframe for the hearing Mediations are scheduled in half-day or full-day increments.  If follow-up sessions are needed, those sessions will be scheduled at or after the first hearing.  A full-day time slot is generally reserved for binding arbitrations. Once our office receives the information necessary to schedule the case, we send the attorneys a preliminary email confirmation and a link to our online scheduling system, generally within 1 to 3 business days.  A detailed confirmation letter and mediation agreement is mailed to the attorneys after the hearing date is set.  The hearing date is set once all parties have responded to the online scheduler. For matters other than mediations or arbitrations, or for unique scheduling needs, please contact our office. 
Location Hearings are held at the offices of Kramer Law LLC.  We are centrally located in the Twin Cities, with convenient access via major highways and free parking.  Our well-appointed office space offers round- table style mediation rooms, private breakout offices, high-speed Internet, gourmet coffee and refreshments.
Fees and Cancellation Policy  All fees are shared equally between participating parties unless otherwise agreed by the parties.  Mr. Kramer’s fees are charged by the hour with a minimum fee of two hours.  Please contact our office for fee rates and cancellation policies. Materials and Submissions Mediations.   Because Mr. Kramer conducts evaluative mediations, he requests all pertinent materials and documents that assist in evaluating the claims being made and defenses being asserted are available to him at least two days before the hearing.  Arbitrations.  Materials should be submitted in accordance with Minnesota Rule 114 and exchanged with each side at least one week prior to the hearing in order to have sufficient time to handle any objections or motions.  In order to assure fairness and avoid preconceptions, Mr. Kramer does not review materials prior to the hearing except for the Statement of the Case.  He thoroughly reads all submissions and provides written findings of fact to the parties after the hearing. Specific details regarding materials and submissions are sent to the parties in the scheduling letter.   Materials may be sent to our office via email, fax 651-905-2933, or US mail.
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